D2Center Videos

D2 Center Videos

Learn more about the D2 Center directly from D2 Center students and staff through our series of videos.

  • D2 Center Overview

    More about the D2 Center: our students, staff, and services.

  • The Importance of YANs

    What are YANs? Youth Academic Navigators!

  • Dropout Reengagement

    The D2 Center partners with OPS to do outreach to students who have left school and help to re-enroll.

  • D2 Center: Alicia and Kelsey

    Hear from D2 Center student Alicia and YAN Kelsey Hansen about the experience of dropout reengagement and reenrollment.

  • 2016 D2 Center Overview

    Learn more about the D2 Center, our students, staff, and services.

  • 2016 YANS

    Youth Academic Navigators are the heart of the D2 Center!

  • 2016 Dominique

    D2 Center graduate Dominique discusses the path to his high school diploma

  • 2016 Crystal

    Youth Academic Navigator Crystal discusses her role at the D2 Center

  • 2016 Tarek

    D2 Center student Tarek discusses the support he receives at the D2 Center

  • 2016 Lucia

    D2 Center student Lucia shares her re-engagement path

  • 2016 Tutoring

    The D2 Center offers tutoring for our students year-round

    November 12, 2018

    D2 Center at the 11th Annual State of Education in North Omaha Summit

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    August 23, 2018

    Congratulations D2 Center Summer 2018 Graduates!

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    August 20, 2018

    D2 Center Better Family Health Open House, July 2018

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