100 Diploma Challenge

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88 YAN Program Graduates / 32 Reengagement Program Graduates as of July 2022
*Numbers reflect the school year running from August 21, 2021 to July 22, 2022


The D2 Center has yet to reach the milestone of over 100 graduates in a school year in its ten-year history. In the two years before the pandemic, 75 students in the Youth Academic Navigator Program graduated in the 2017-18 school year plus an additional 15 students who were part of the OPS/D2 Center Reengagement Project (90 total). The all-time high occurred in 2018-19 when 79 students graduated in the YAN Program plus an additional 20 in the Reengagement Project (99 total). The last two years saw a significant drop in these total numbers with 75 graduating in 2019-20 and 81 in 2020-21.

Educators and D2 Center staff members have faced tough challenges for the past year and a half to support students who are struggling to attend school, learn virtually at times, earn credits, and graduate from high school. With so many students who are off track to graduate on time or who have dropped out of school, the challenge in 2021-22 will be greater than ever. The D2 Center is determined to not only meet the challenge for our students, but to beat it in a way never done before. We are setting an optimistic goal of 100 of our students graduating in 2021-22!

Help Us Help Omaha Area Youth!

We’ve developed a new recruitment strategy to get more students into our program and to meet their personal and academic needs. We’re also determined to tutor more students and offer them more elective credit opportunities. We’ve hired a full time Staff Specialist who focuses on intake of students into our program and tutoring and elective credits. We’ve moved one of our YANs into a Reengagement Supervisor position to focus more on students who have withdrawn from school but are eligible to enroll. We’re hiring a new YAN this fall in anticipation of working with higher numbers of students as the year progresses.

In short, we’re determined to meet the needs of our community during these challenging times with more students graduating from high school and getting on the road to success. Won’t you help us?



    August 01, 2022

    United Way of the Midlands Awards $45,000 Grant to the D2 Center to Fund Youth Academic Navigator (YAN) / Reengagement Specialist Program

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    June 13, 2022

    D2 Center UNO Service Learning Academy Project, Fall 2021

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