Filling out an application for the D2 Center is the first step to connecting with an educational pathway to a high school diploma. Fill it out and submit online, come into the D2 Center to fill it out, or call us at 402-502-8534 to apply over the phone.

Another important piece of paperwork we need from you is an Omaha Public Schools Release of Information form from you (if you’re 18 or older) or from your parent or guardian (if you’re younger than 18). Download it here (English [PDF] or Spanish [PDF]), have it signed, and bring it to the D2 Center for your first appointment. A D2 Center program consent form is required as well (English [PDF] or Spanish [PDF], signed by a parent or guardian if you’re under 18.

Once we’ve received your information, we can start the process of creating an Action Plan to fit your needs. Here’s what to expect once you’ve started the application process:

  1. You’ll meet with an Intake Specialist at your initial appointment, where you’ll get an overview of the D2 Center and the services we provide.
  2. The intake specialist will have an in-depth interview with you, so we can learn more about your life both in and out of school, including your academic history and other issues you may be facing that have affected your education.
  3. We’ll also request an interview with your parent or guardian (not required).
  4. You may be asked to schedule and complete additional assessments to help us determine what services and educational options would work best for you.
  5. We’ll contact your former school to find out your academic history.
  6. At the D2 Center, we’ll review all your personal information and create an initial Action Plan to best meet your needs.
  7. You’ll meet with your intake specialist, your parent or guardian, and your Youth Academic navigator (YAN) to review your Action Plan and share your feedback on the plan.
  8. You’ll enroll in an educational program, start attending classes, and participate in any additional services as necessary. Your YAN will check in with you on a weekly basis to see how things are going.
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    March 13, 2023

    National Youth Advocacy & Resilience Conference, Savannah, GA, March 5-8, 2023

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    March 01, 2023

    Blackburn College and Career Champions College Expo, Feb. 2023

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