The mission of the D2 Center is to connect out-of-school and disengaged youth ages 15-21 into an educational pathway with other resources and supports needed to earn a high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary opportunities and a career. See D2 Center staff contact information.

Our services are:

Youth Academic Navigator: YANs are education-focused case managers who check in with their students frequently & help with issues as they emerge to ensure students are making progress & earning credits in school.

Tutoring & Elective Classes: We offer tutoring two afternoons a week and elective credit classes at the D2 Center for students who need academic assistance or alternative ways to earn high school credit. Our certified teachers specialize in creating a small, caring classroom environment with a focus on individual students and their success.

Career Navigator: The Career Navigator assists students with postsecondary planning & connections for both career & educational opportunities. Services are also available to graduates.

Reengagement Partnership: We work with Omaha Public Schools (OPS) staff members to reengage students who have withdrawn from school but are eligible to enroll. Our Career Navigator also partners with OPS Multiple Pathways programs to provide services in postsecondary planning and connections to students in these programs.

We’re located in The Center at 42nd & Center on the fifth floor in Suite 503.

D2 Center Value Statements

•    We develop individualized solutions for disengaged students through a creative team approach
•    We build genuine, long-lasting relationships with youth
•    We connect youth with community resources and empower them to improve their life circumstances
•    We help youth maximize their potential to be successful in school, post-secondary, and career endeavors

Passionate | Persistent | Committed


D2 Center 2021-22 Annual Report

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Our Board of Directors

  • Dr. Jerry M. Bartee

    Community Advocate

  • Mr. Jerry Bexten

    Community Advocate

  • Mrs. Susan Christopherson

    Chief Academic Officer, Omaha Public Schools

  • Mr. Greg Emmel

    Executive Director of Programs, D2 Center (Secretary)

  • Ms. Karina Mejia Garcia

    Young Adult Representative, D2 Center

  • Ms. Lauren Micek Vargas

    Executive Director, Education Rights Counsel

  • Ms. Carolyn T. Miller

    Executive Director of Operations, D2 Center (Treasurer)

  • Mr. Daniel Padilla

    Executive Director, Lending Link Omaha

  • Ms. Jordan Pirtle

    Director of Secondary Partnerships & Gateway to College, Metropolitan Community College

  • Dr. Katie Weitz

    Executive Director, Weitz Family Foundation (Vice President)

Our Staff

    March 13, 2023

    National Youth Advocacy & Resilience Conference, Savannah, GA, March 5-8, 2023

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    March 01, 2023

    Blackburn College and Career Champions College Expo, Feb. 2023

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